Friday, January 26, 2007

Five experiences on Australia Day

1. On the way to our big day out, we have a profound lesson in national symbolism as children fight in the car over who will get to wave the Australian flag, and I say to the children (though I think it went over their heads) that the Australian flag should unite, not divide us, so please stop fighting. No need for argument to begin with as Aussie flags aplenty available in the CBD.

2. Trying to find a parking spot in the CBD. Being a public holiday, shouldn't the parking meters be set to Sat/Sun settings? i.e. shouldn't the various spots no longer be deemed loading zones (which they are on weekdays) but 4 hour parking zones (which they are on weekends)? Didn't risk it. Figured $20 flat fee for parking under the Westin Hotel was better than the slight chance of a hefty parking fine.

3. We attempt to score a family photo on Google Maps (see here). This took some effort with 3 kids waiting for about an hour in the glaring sun on the Opera House forecourt for numerous flyovers till the plane finally did a lap directly overhead. By the 9th time of telling the kids “look up at the plane and wave”, I think they were a bit over it! So be prepared for not the best happy family shot!

4. Wowed by the piercing, booming thunder of a fighter jet as it breaks the speed of sound flying over Sydney Harbour.

5. Back to the Australian flag (of course, the flag is very topical at the moment). Towards the end of the day, youngest daughter accidentally rips her Australian flag down the middle. In perhaps an early indication of republican sentiment, she completely removes the Union Jack in a nice, clean break.


David said...

this blog is incredible. easily in the top 5 blogs of all time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
Really like your blog. Simple, stylish and I could say more but wouldn't want to offend other bloggers out there!
Hope to see you soon. Will return your call soon.

Andy M said...

Hey there not-so-anonymous-Jen!
No, wouldn't want to offend other bloggers. Any in particular you had in mind??
Look forward to speaking and seeing how the new life up north is going.

Anonymous said...

this picture should not be shown on the net it is extreamly UN-Australian as the flag shouldnever be torn or put on the grond