Monday, January 15, 2007

Five new things for the new year

1. This blog

2. Facial hair

3. Couple of extra kilos on the dumbells

4. Drinking water, water, water, lots of water

5. Avoiding the "January Genesis rut" (i.e. start reading the bible half way through rather than yet again turning back to page 1 only to not make it past page 20)


Nixter said...

Like the new look blog, so is the other one still in use or is this it???

I need to drink way more water too, thanks for the reminder.

David said...

what are dumbells??

is that your belly???

**i know what dumbells are

Andy M said...

Well the couple of extra kilos on the dumbells are part of the strategy to get rid of the couple of extra kilos on the belly!

(Harking back to the "cut vs buff" discussion on your blog! I'm going for cut.)

Andy M said...

Nixter, in answer to your question, I think this new blog will pretty much be it. If something can't be said in 5 points, I won't say it! Maybe the old blog will get used occasionally, but at this stage I think more likely not.

Nixter said...

Cool, love it - just checking my comments work now :)

Nixter said...

yeah they do :)