Thursday, January 18, 2007

Five things I've learnt about HTML

In redesigning this blog starting from one of the standard blogger templates, I, a complete web design novice, have learnt a number of things about html coding. Here's 5 of them:

1. how to adjust the "padding" for blocks of text;

2. how to customise the colour scheme by selecting a colour and converting the RGB (red green blue) colour code into hex html code;

3. how to insert my own jpeg file as a header;

4. how to remove the annoying and not-very-funky rounded corners from the main text box, sidebars and footer;

5. how to remove the post title icons.

Still a lot to learn. Expect to see occasional changes to the layout as I continue to fiddle ...


Nixter said...

You are very very clever.. I am not, hence why I still have a boring standard template.. How did you teach yourself?

Laura said...

I did a search on the Web for "adjusting blue html text box" and I got your blog!! I've dealt with bits and pieces of HTML for years, and even designed a site. But after many years not using html, I find myself only ankle deep in making sense of it. Right now I'm trying to create a stationery template for Mac Mail. But the text box is frozen to a certain dimension in my final template, so that, in Mail, I cannot write a long text... , and I don't know how to adjust this in my Adobe GoLive. Do you have any suggestions?