Wednesday, February 28, 2007

5 reasons I'm disappointed with Google Maps Australia Day flyover

I posted here about our Australia Day experiences and our attempt to score a family photo at the Opera House forecourt courtesy of the Google Maps Australia Day flyover.

Well, the maps have now been updated (see story here).

Here's 5 reasons I'm disappointed:

1. My baby son sleeping in his pram is nowhere to be seen.

2. My little daughter with her Australian flag is nowhere to be seen.

3. My eldest daughter waving madly is nowhere to be seen.

4. My beautiful wife is nowhere to be seen.

5. I am nowhere to be seen.

i.e. no family portrait!!!! Not happy Jan!!

What is most infuriating is that, looking at the screen shot above, to the right and close to the water the resolution is quite good and you can make out people - they must be the new, high resolution photos taken on the day. However, to the left of the shot, near the steps (i.e. precisely where we were camped) the resolution is crap, and the fact there are hardly any people suggests they are still using the old maps without the Australia Day crowds. There were heaps of people in that vicinity on the day.

Not sure if they haven't finished updating the maps, or perhaps they didn't get good shots on the day, or perhaps they just didn't like our cheesy grins as we squinted our eyes in the hot sun looking up and waving at the plane!

If only we'd moved about 10 metres further east ...

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