Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Five observations of All Soul's Langham Place

1. This is a big church. I reckon there'd be close to 500 people at their evening service.

2. Reflective of London itself, this is a very multicultural church, even more so than churches in Sydney. There were obviously people here originating from all four corners of the globe. Genuine mix of ages too. Nice to see.

3. I wasn't spoken to our welcomed personally by anybody, but I think I'm prepared to forgive that in a church that big. How could anyone possibly know who's a newcomer and who's not?

4. I don't know whether it was to give a little taste of home to any Aussies in the congregation, but Toni Collette was used as a sermon illustration (including a brief mention of Muriel's Wedding), and a Geoff Bullock song was sung (Power of Your Love - can you believe it - I haven't heard that song for years! That may actually be a good thing ...).

5. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the same wherever you are in the world. Isn't that great!


Nixter said...

All Souls is my old church, I went there for abut 3 years, I didn't really know anyone for the first 18 months. When I did ask people how long they had been coming, thery oftn said oh a few years.... They do have a newcomers meeting every other week though which is a good idea.

When were you there?

Andy M said...

Was there this Sunday evening just gone. Over here for a week. Never been before - what a buzz!

Yes, they did announce a newcomers' meeting, but I'd classify myself more as "just passing through" than a newcomer!

Now I see where your Starbucks addiction comes from. What's with the Starbucks' stranglehold on this city?!?!? Every second street corner!! Hope you've come to see that Sydney does coffee better than London!

Nicki said...
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Nixter said...

LOL I went to a Starbucks in London and they joked that there are Starbucks in Starbucks toilets - that's how many Starbucks they have in London.

I love London - it is a great city, hope you had fun, are you back yet?

Enjoy! I am still to check out that place you recommended - maybe we should get a bunch of us bloggers together to go one day?

Andy M said...

Hi Nixter.
Yes, back now. Body arrived in Sydney earlier last week and my mind arrived a few days later.
That's funny re Starbucks in Starbucks toilets! In my new post last night I've mentioned that London has more Starbucks than Manhattan.

Nixter said...

Glad your back - just heading to your coffee in London post now ;)