Friday, March 30, 2007

Five truly excellent experiences in London

1. St Paul's Cathedral - a postcard can never do it justice. Amazing piece of architecture and awe inspiring size. Also went to Sung Eucharist - not usually my thing, but if you're going to do it, you might as well do it somewhere like St Paul's and get the full aesthetic experience! (though shame about the wishy washy sermon)

2. Victoria & Albert Museum - I went to see the architecture exhibition, but got lost and immersed in the vast and amazing array of European sculptures.

3. Borough Markets - I've already raved in my earlier post about the coffee here, but the whole thing was a great experience, with cheese tasting and a wild boar sausage being other highlights.

4. Trafalgar Square - I virtually stumbled into Trafalgar Square by accident, my map not clearly marking it out, and suddenly I realised I was standing in the middle of a famous postcard. A great place for gathering of crowds, and a central point for so many other landmarks.

5. The Tube - loved it. I loved the challenge of navigating my way round its tangled, yet somehow quite efficient, web. Trains every 4 minutes - something Sydneysiders can be very jealous of! You can get anywhere on this!


Andy M said...

aaarrrggghh!!!! I've tried to post this about 3 times now and the formatting keeps stuffing up! I give up, and I'm leaving it here this time. Can anyone give any tips on how to get pictures and text in the one post and get it to all line up??

Nixter said...

love the pics - you are pretty good at taking photo's. I love the tube, the public transport in London is way better than in Sydney.

Andy M said...

Yeessss!!! Fixed the formatting. Looks much better.

Glad you like the pics Nixter. I had fun taking them. And believe me, I took a lot!!! (lucky I had my new 2GB memory card!!)