Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Bold and the Beautiful in Sydney

No, I'm not a daytime soapie fan, but I was going for a jog around Mrs Macquarie's Chair a few months ago and I literally ran onto the set of The Bold and the Beautiful. A crew member chased me off. They were in Sydney filming their 20th anniversary episodes. The episodes apparently screened here last week. I couldn't resist checking it out on YouTube.

I think the first video is the scene I ran onto (and no, that's not me running around town with my shirt off chasing the woman!)

The second video I've just thrown in for good measure. It's pure schmaltz - what a sickeningly cliched portrayal of Sydney. ("Oh look, the Opera House.") Look out particularly for when they start trying to say "G'day" and use other Aussie lingo ...

And watch in both scenes for the hilarious way the camera pans out from two separate romantic embraces to reveal, surprise, surprise, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The Bold and the Beautiful in Sydney #1

The Bold and the Beautiful in Sydney #2


Andy M said...

I was waiting for a scene from the main street of Cabramatta, or the RSL club at Rooty Hill, or ... but they seem not to have chosen those locations.

Ben said...

... or Bankstown TAFE.

I don't get it, Andy. Are they clips from an actual episode? That chase goes on forever! It feels like it was a collection of all the useable footage they shot pasted together, rather than a sequence you'd actually find in a tv show. I've never seen B&B before, so maybe I'm just betraying my ignorance.

PS I'm spending the morning commenting on blogs (holidays!!), so don't be surprised to see me hanging around here like bad smell.

Nixter said...

"This isn't the end of us bright eyes, it's just the beginning"

Can someone pass me a bucket please ;)

Nixter said...

"How is it you're even more beautiful in the Southern Hemisphere" OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!1

Newyhilton said...

i don't why they didn't choose Newcastle and pash off at the Pasha Bulker!

David said...

nice one sam... though pasha is gone now