Friday, July 06, 2007

Five thoughts while on a lunch time jog

1.  The USS Kitty Hawk is a very big ship.  And attracted a very great number of spectators, more people to duck and weave while jogging.
2.  The Bold and the Beautiful cliches aside, Sydney is a very beautiful city, especially on a blue sky day like today and especially when running harbourside.
3.  Mat is a very good mate, who I haven't seen anywhere near often enough in recent years.  Was very good to bump into him on said harbourside run. 
4.  Inviting American sailors to come to church at the Cathedral while the USS Kitty Hawk is docked in the harbour is a very good idea (well done Mat).
5.  In case I haven't mentioned it before , Mars Hill music is very excellent and on a iPod makes a great jogging soundtrack.


David said...

#3 - you both need to get it together!
you both work in the city.
make it happen baby. make it happen!

#1 - so is uluru

#5 - mars hill rock out - go the brothers of the empty tomb

Guthers said...

uluru? I'm confused...

Hey andy, I tagged you - check out my blog