Friday, July 13, 2007

Name dropping

Went to a Sydney Theatre Company function last night and it was a case of spot the celebrity/VIP. I'm going to engage in some unashamed name dropping, but given the "five" theme of my blog I'll limit myself to just that number!

1. Andrew Upton (unfortunately his more famous wife, none other than Cate Blanchett, failed to turn up!).

2. Nick Greiner and Kathryn Greiner - I'm sneaking two names in under the one family!

3. Bob Carr (and yes, Bob did speak with Nick Greiner!).

4. Andrew Hansen of The Chaser.

5. Barry Otto.

There were a few more, but to go any further would be bragging ...


Ruth said...

One of the chaser guys sends his boy to our local school - so we get to see him often...I can't remember what his name is!

Guthers said...

saw bec hewitt (nee cartwright) shopping at ikea on the weekend! Who would have thought Lleyton needed to buy his furniture flat pack? Still a tops aussie apparently!

Guthers said...

andy! you were going so strong! now its almost been to weeks.... how come?

Guthers said...

two weeks